3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Office Space
3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Office Space

Looking for office space and not sure what to do? Great! That’s what this blog post is about. We’ve worked with many clients and have picked up some good tips to share with you. If you’re looking for office space in Baton Rouge, or somewhere else around the world, you will want to follow these tips. If you have any further questions, let us know!

Tip #1: Decide if You REALLY Need Office Space

work from home office spaceSome businesses have the option of working from home, or from co-work space. For example, there are many freelance workers out there who choose to work from home, and literally have their own home office. In this case, they can actually write off their home office space as a business expense during tax season. However, if you do that, make sure to actually have a real office, with a desk, computer, printer and all of the other normal office stuff. Sometimes when freelancers work from their couch, and then write off office space for their taxes, they get in trouble when they are audited and it’s discovered they don’t actually have office space in their home.

Maybe, you’re a freelance or you own a, very small, business. You don’t need a large office space, but you do need something more than just your home. If that’s the case, consider co-work space. This type of space is setup where you can pay for a membership, and have access to facilities with computers, internet connection, desks, meeting rooms, a full kitchen, a gym, the latest office technology, lounging areas, etc. This is a great option if you want something inexpensive where you can go to work. Another benefit to this type of space is the synergy you get from meeting other people who share that space with you. Your business may grow as a result of meeting like-minded individuals.

If you decide that you really do need actual office space, keep reading!

Tip #2: Identify Your Special Needs and Wants

Make a list of the things you really want with your office space. This will be completely up to you, but here are some bulleted ideas to help get your brainstorming juices going:

  • Nearby amenities
    • Restaurants – Need somewhere near the office for lunch? Or maybe you want to make sure your office space has a kitchen?
    • Banks – Want to be close to your bank?
    • Office Supply Stores – Some businesses go through office supplies like crazy. If that’s you, maybe you should find an office location near a good supply store.
    • Etc. – Keep going. What else do you need or want?
  • Convenient location for employees and clients – Are you, your employees or your clients going to have a difficult time getting to your office? Is that a problem? If it is, maybe try to find something in a better location.
  • High traffic area – Do you need to be in a high-traffic area? Maybe you’re a wedding planner and you want potential brides and grooms to find you, waltz right in, and become your next client. Being in a high traffic area would help with that.
  • Parking lot – Do you need your own parking lot? This is something to consider.
  • Conference room – Having a good conference room is important for many people. Make sure, if this is something you need, to find a conference room that’s large enough and attractive enough to meet your needs.

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Tip #3: Use a Specialized Office Space Advisor – It’s FREE!

Yes, that’s right. It doesn’t cost anything to have your own commercial real estate advisor, who specializes specifically in office space, to help you find your perfect space. That’s because it’s the owner or the lessor who will ultimately pay the advisor who helps you.

Since you don’t have to pay for tenant representation (getting help from a commercial real estate professional), there really isn’t any reason not to use an office space specialist. Also, the office space specialist will be able to help troubleshoot some of your needs. There are some things you might not have added to your list of needs and wants. However, because they’ve been around for a while, they can recommend that you consider x, y and z. This will be a great benefit to you. One other reason for using an office space specialist is because they already know what’s in the area. They’ve been working with people who own office space and are trying to get it leased or sold. They can tell you in a second who is in your area and what they are wanting to sell or lease their space for. They also know if the owner of the office space is willing to negotiate, or if their rates are final. So, with all these benefits, and others, you should definitely work with a tenant rep who specializes in office space.

Find Your Office Space – A Summary

This post is just enough to get you started on the right track when looking for office space. We can write so much more on the topic, but for now, follow these three tips:

  • First, make sure you really need office space.
  • Second, figure out what you need and want.
  • Third, use a commercial real estate advisor here in Baton Rouge, or wherever you are, who specializes in office space. Once you’ve got a tenant rep working on your behalf, they will be able to help you throughout the rest of the buying or leasing process.

Good luck to you, if you’re looking for office space! I hope this is helpful to you. If it is, please show some love and share the following tweet!

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Thanks for the help. The small company that I work for is finally ready to move into an office space. I appreciate your reminder think about special needs or wants that we have. I think convenient location is the highest priority for us. Thanks again.

These are great tips. Finding the perfect office space for you is a bit stressful that’s why it’s very ideal to seek professional guidance from agencies of firms that specializes in commercial real estate. By doing that, you can assure yourself that they could find you the perfect office space that you want for your business.

Finding a perfect office space has become really difficult these days as we cannot find all the wanted qualities in one property.
So it is always convenient to take help from the professionals as they are expert in their work and you can get the best place for your office through these agents.
Also one added benefit is that the headache of the ‘paperwork’ reduces and you get an assurance that you are not buying any disputed property.
This article is of great help buddy.
Cheers..!!!! 🙂

I definitely think it’s good to know in advance what kind of office space you need before you rent it. My boss wants to relocate our offices so I’m looking for good spaces for rent with a parking lot. I think it would be good if the office had a conference room too. Thanks for the tips!

I loved your tip to make a list of your needs and wants for your office space. Knowing what you need will help you prioritize your options helping you to find what you want easier. It may help to compare the list you make to the available options so you remember what you need while you look.

Finding an immaculate office space has turned out to be truly troublesome nowadays as we can’t discover all the needed qualities in one property. So it is constantly advantageous to take assistance from the experts as they are master in their work and you can get the best place for your office through these operators. Additionally one included advantage is that the migraine of the “printed material” diminishes and you get an affirmation that you are not purchasing any questioned property. This article is of awesome help mate.

Great tips! I think the most important is figuring out the right location. It is a big deal when you buy a house and it is a big deal when you get an office. Especially, like you mentioned, if you want to get business from off the street. However, I think that convenience for your customers and employees is much more important than being near restaruants and office supply stores, but I guess it all depends on what is most important to you.


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