Month: March 2016
What is Commercial Real Estate?

What is Commercial Real Estate? That’s a really good question. We hear about real estate

Buying Retail Space vs. Leasing: Which Is Better?

As commercial real estate brokers we get asked this question a lot, and no one

Five Rules for CRE Broker Success

CRE Broker Success Isn’t Rocket Science It takes hard work and dedication. I’ve fallen a

Buying Land in Baton Rouge? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First.

Out of every sector of commercial real estate investment, vacant land can be the most

What Are Business Brokers and What Do They Do? [Part 2]

What You Should Look for in a Business Broker In Part I we went over

The New Office: An Office Space Brokers Guide to CRE Trends

Our Observations As Office Space Brokers A lot has changed for the office over the

CRE Marketing in the Digital Era

The roots of modern day marketing can be traced to places like the Athenian Agora

7 Tips for Negotiating a Restaurant Lease

Often thought of as a four-letter word, the restaurant lease is typically long, typically confusing,

Office Warehouse Building in Baton Rouge Sold for $960,000

Ben Graham of SVN | Graham, Langlois & Legendre, LLC recently brokered a multi-tenant office

Considering changing CRE brokerage companies? Yikes, that’s a scary thought!

Should You Change Brokerage Companies? Jerry Anderson, CCIM, Managing Director of SVN/Florida Commercial Real Estate