Month: November 2015
Giving is Good – Advice from a Broker

Giving Is the Right Thing to Do One of my mentors in commercial real estate

5 Tips to Perfect the Fast Pitch by Diane Danielson

Delivering Your Fast Pitch When meeting potential clients you only have a small amount of

Searching for Baton Rouge Commercial Real Estate? Here’s How!

Buying or leasing commercial real estate is a huge undertaking and one that is full

What Does Triple Net (NNN) Mean?

The Popularity of NNN Deals Single tenant, triple net deals have become one of the

How to Find the Perfect CRE Broker in Baton Rouge

What Not to Look For When Hiring a CRE Broker in Baton Rouge Congratulations! You’ve

What’s an Occupancy Permit & How Do You Get It?

You Signed a Lease. Now What? For most of us in the leasing world, the

Client Services Expansion through Strategic Partnership with Industry Veteran

Expanded Commercial Real Estate Services in Baton Rouge Sperry Van Ness/Graham, Langlois and Legendre and

Why Buying Commercial Real Estate in Baton Rouge is a Smart Investment

When buying commercial real estate, the main importance is seeing a return on that investment, as

Millennials and Our Perspective on the CRE Dinosaur

The Millennials Have Arrived! Millennials, aka Gen Y, aka Pure Awesomeness.  At this point, everyone